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January 11, 2011 / justerik

Across the Universe

So, here are some potentially unmanly things about me that I think are totally awesome anyway, so let’s just deal with it, shall we?

1) I love Rhianna

2) I love young adult novels, especially with plucky young female protagonists.

Okay, really, neither of these things is that unmanly. I mean, who doesn’t like Disturbia (which happens to be playing as I write this)?

As for plucky young female protagonists, I’ve been spending some time with Tiffany Aching, but as soon as I can I’m going to go out and purchase Across the Universe. And I’m so excited I could blow a valve. And it’s not just because of the awesome trailer:

Nor is it because of the super-secret-mega-awesome-not-quite-launched-at-the-time-of-this-blogging website, where you can read the already heart wrenching first chapter for nothing more than a click.

No, I’m excited because of Beth.

See, Beth Revis is an old friend of mine. Beth loves stories, and words, and great big spaceships, and the poetry of the stars. We grew up together in the tiniest towns in the most rural part of North Carolina, and we sat on buses and did plays and sang songs and when we were feeling proud and ambitious we talked about the book we were going to write Some Day.

And when I compared my stories to Beth’s stories, well. I always wanted to read Beth’s stories.

Penguin Teen is being really nice to me, showing me lots of cool stuff (including that never-before-released author video above) because I’m a blogger and they apparently haven’t caught on to the fact that it’s not 2003 any more and that blogging is pass√©. But the real secret is that I was going to write this post anyway, because Beth deserves all the success in the world. And because the world has some dark and scary things in it, especially lately, and, well – I think the world deserves a really good story. And that’s what Beth has in spades.

“But Erik,” I hear you say “while your recommendation carries much weight (and we are sure it is unbiased by all the awesome swag), and while the trailer does zoom about with much grandeur, and the (still super-secret) website zooms with sexiness and awesome, and while I am intrigued by tantalizing first chapter, I am in need of even more cool stuff before I will be swayed!”

Fine then. Ask an ye shall receive. Between 11:11 am and 11:11 pm, io9 will just be plain givin’ away the first 111 pages of the book. That’s right, today, on 1/11/11 the launch date of the book, you can get a novella length chunk of text from one of the hottest new authors on the scene just cause. With such ample information you don’t need a sales pitch from me. I think that the book will convince you of it’s own merits.

Go. And Godspeed.

Beth Revis: Website Blog Twitter

Penguin Teen: Website Twitter Facebook

Across the Universe: Website Facebook

Rhianna (unrelated): Disturbia


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