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November 23, 2010 / justerik

The Works and Days of Hands

So, this is an enormous pile of grodish laundry.

What you don’t see is the identical giant pile to the right of it. To wash that picture out of your minds, here is a picture of the cat who until recently was nesting in the laundry.

She is now nesting on my face.

After a couple of moves over the last year and the loss of about fifty pounds over the last three, my wardrobe has become a bit of a mess. And over the last three months of doing plays (I did two, back to back), my laundry has turned that messy wardrobe into an unnavigable floor trap and improvised cat nest. So, today’s project has been to turn aforementioned laundry pile into this:

Pardon the awful things the flash does. Also, yes. That’s a dragon design on the green tee. Astute observers have already moved on to the purple suede blazer.

However, at this point in the process I have two piles of laundry and no more coat hangers. Which means we’ve reached critical mass for the “Erik’s Clothing” project. Tomorrow, I’m going through everything I own, and anything I own a duplicate of, or anything that doesn’t quite fit, or anything a well-meaning relative gave me that I just don’t freaking wear is going into a trashbag and heading (cleaned and folded!) to the Goodwill. Because when you’re a clothes horse like THIS guy:

…you must periodically purge all but the least pitstained Wal-Mart Shirt-In-A-Bags from your closet. Of course, this means hitting the internet for replacements for any now missing staples from my wardrobe, which will probably mean also buying that really nice cashmere sweater, as long as I’m on the website and buying things anyway. Which also means –

Well, it means I’m going to have to buy more clothes hangers.



Friends of the author: “Erik, why are you telling us about your housemate’s cat, and your disgusting housework?”

The Author Himself: “Psh! I’m a blogger now.”


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