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February 9, 2010 / justerik

In Which A Cellphone Is Reviewed

I replaced my old flip-phone-which-doesn’t-hold-a-charge-and-kept-dropping-calls-anyway. I replaced it with a Motorola Droid ™, which is the New Hotness. Except it’s been out for a while, and  bunch of the guys at work have one so it isn’t really new, and the Nexus 1 (also ™) came out which is way better, but you can’t get it on Verizon yet.

My Droid used to be the New Hotness.

My Droid is a touchscreen smartphone, with integrated GMail, GTalk, and Facebook sync. It has a webbrowser, plays movies, and has a huge library of thousands of installable applications (“apps”). It does MMS, SMS, and GPS. Also, it makes phone calls.

My Droid has a slick touchscreen interface. When I first turned it on I was so entranced by the gleaming icons and the way they responded to my every gesture I just kept touching and touching. I touched and touched and accidentally called my friend Cassady. I could not figure out how to touch the phone to un-call her, so I kept touching until I hung up right after she answered. She texted me to ask if I called her by accident. I said yes, but I could call her for real if she wanted. She didn’t.

My Droid has 5 megapixels. That’s 4 more Megapixels than my old dinky flip phone, which I bought when I got married a while back and still has my ex-wife on speeddial because I don’t have anyone I really need to dial speedily, and I couldn’t figure out how to change it anyway. That is a lot of Megapixels. I’m pretty sure it’s the most. The camera is awful, though. You load it up and point it at something and the previews look all grainy and there are several shiny icons but I can’t tell which does what so I press all of them and nothing happens till like half a second later when the phone goes all “click”. The picture is superclear, not grainy like the previews, but it doesn’t matter because by then the dog isn’t making that face anymore. I have lots of pictures of the dog, but just being like a normal dog. I have some cute pictures of the dog from my old flip phone that I transfered over, and some of being married, and some of my cat that ran away. My Droid makes old pictures look tiny on its big screen.

My Droid doesn’t wrap around my face. My old flip phone wrapped around my face, because it was a flip phone.  The microphone part went in front of my mouth and the speaker part went beside my ear and if I wanted to I could open and close it like a little puppet. My Droid is flat, like calculator flat. It’s like holding a real big calculator up beside your face. I thought it would be uncomfortable to talk on a calculator but it was okay during the one phone call I made. I called Chris. He said who is this, and I said it’s Erik from work, and he said Oh, and I said I got a new phone and he said he had to go he was busy, he’d see me on Monday. The speaker is really good, I could hear all the stuff he was busy doing in the background, I think making lunch for his girlfriend. I never would have heard that on my flip phone. It was so clear that I could barely hear him. It sounded like stir fry. I like stir fry.

The best part about my Droid is the internet and the syncing. I used to spend all night checking my email, and then checking my Facebook, and then checking my email again to see if anything came while I was checking my Facebook, and then watching that one video with the cat, and then checking my email and my Facebook again. Now I never have to check anything. If I get a friend request, or a email, or my ex-wife is playing Farmville, then my Droid just tells me (it says “Droid!” in a funny voice), and I don’t have to check. I’ll sit in my bedroom and think I should check my Facebook, and then I remember there is nothing because my Droid tells me if there is something and I check it anyway but my Droid is always right, so I go back to sitting. My evenings are much more efficient. It gave me time to write this review!

My Droid is much better than my old crappy flip phone, which I keep anyway just in case, and even charge it some, because you never know. I love my Droid.

Verdict: Buy.


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  1. Cassady / Feb 12 2010 10:47 am

    She was working…

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