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January 19, 2010 / justerik


“I used to listen to this album on repeat with my eyes closed and wonder what it would feel like to love.”

Yesterday, someone had the temerity to dislike Fiona Apple in the presence of some deeply supportive company. My response engendered horrified looks, something I thought impossible. Haven’t these people met me?

I’m good at being a certain kind of sad. It fits comfortably; a worn but beloved shirt that no one can convince you to throw away. But it is not the sum of me.

Today is my birthday. There was surprise cake, lunch, more surprise cake, a kiss or three, and more well wishes than I deserve. Later this week, there will probably be a more concerted sort of celebration. I am, in short, delighted.

A birthday can be an excuse to look back, and become melancholy. It gives weight to that sort of thing. But let’s not do that. Not this time. Maybe later. Now, let’s eat cake.


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