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December 3, 2009 / justerik

Perhaps on ABC?

Walking home, I watched as two cars in rapid succession hit the same dog. Each stopped as soon as they could, but the dog loped down into the thicket and disappeared into inky black.

We looked for an hour in the ceaseless drizzle, cellphones for light. We found a campfire surrounded by rubbish, a frightened mouse and a thousand sharp sticks. We enlisted in the search a man walking his (uninjured) dog, and a woman who probably wasn’t a hooker.

After half an hour one of the women who hit the dog, Rachel, began to talk about how much this sucked, and she hoped the dog was alright, and maybe she just grazed him. She was upset, but she was past the point where she thought she had done the right thing. I just doubled down, and in my fervor was nearly hit myself.

Finally, an hour in, our party long scattered, I gave up. Either the dog had bolted further than we were looking, or she was huddled down in something away from the rain where we were never going to find her, no matter how long we looked. Rachel gave me a ride home and we talked about pets and people and the rain.

I came home and told Sarahbeth and Gracia the story, as much as there was a story. It didn’t have a beginning, middle and end. It just started and ran off until it stopped. It would have been nice to be a character in one of those hour-long comedy dramas that have become fashionable on television, with snappy dialog. Then we would have found the dog, and she’d be okay, or she’d die meaningfully. I wouldn’t have minded if someone else were the star of the show, and thus the hero. Just as long as the dog was okay.

Instead, Something Happened, and left a knot of worry and a sense of being displaced. The only way for it to get better is to wait until I forget it happened.


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